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McIntosh MC452

Power Amplifier


Original Retail $8,500.00

One owner, clean service history, no blemishes, meets or exceeds original factory specifications. 

90 Day Stereo Barn Warranty.

  • Manufactured 2010 – 2018
  • 450 Watts x 2 Channels
  • Quad Balanced
  • Included Autoformers

Our most powerful McIntosh stereo
amplifier, the MC452 delivers the most
music with all speaker brands and types.
■ New McIntosh chassis and faceplate
design featuring larger easier to read power
wattmeters framed with attractive aluminum
side handles. New chassis design allows a
cool, quiet, long life performance.
■ Twin-balanced input and output flexibility.
■ Unique, designed speaker wire binding
posts make the perfect connection with all
types of speaker wire terminations and are
easier to use.
■ Meter backlight control for use with
compatible McIntosh “control centers”.
■ Quad Balanced is a technology that McIntosh
has perfected for nearly 20 years and results
in the most music with the best fidelity

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