Screen Kleen

Screen Kleen

Safely clean your screens

Stereo Barn's Screen Kleen cleans hand smears and finger prints from your HDTV screen

Find out how to clean hand smears and finger prints from your HDTV screen.

People ask us at Stereo Barn, what do you use to clean your screens? How do you remove greasy finger prints, kid smudges, carpet chemicals, and acidic airborne dust the safe way?

We use the Stereo Barn Screen Kleen which is a cleaning spray and microfiber cloth system specially formulated for HDTVs, LCDs, plasmas, DLPs, even screens for cameras, computers, tablets, and phones.

Most screens for the electronics you use are made of polycarbonate — plastic. These devices use plastic or an anti-reflective plastic coating to protect the technology behind the screen.

Polycarbonate screens and anti-reflective coatings oxidize over time. You can tell because the edges of your screen start to look grey, which means you’re seeing the beginning stages of oxidation. To prevent this graying and hazing over time, clean your screens.

All polycarbonate screens must be cleaned

Using Windex or other glass cleaners will permanently damage your HDTV screen

Using glass cleaners and other household cleaning products will permanently destroy your HDTV screen.

But, cleaning is the easiest way to permanently damage these screens. Why? Because people use household cleaners and products like:

  • glass cleaner
  • cleaning wipes
  • aerosol dusting cleaner
  • alcohol
  • water
  • paper towels
  • sub-standard micro fiber cloths

Without thinking, people are using products that are specifically made for cleaning glass, not plastic. These cleaners contain chemicals and additives that destroy plastic and anti reflective coatings on HDTVs. Even plasmas have a glass screen and should not be cleaned with glass cleaner because of the anti reflective coating.

WARNING: Use of products containing ammonia and phosphates on LCD, DLP, and plasma screens are prohibited and can void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Screen Kleen is a combination of proprietary fluid and micro fiber cloth. The fluid is pH neutral and leaves no residue. It will not harm polycarbonate or LCD screens. Screen Kleen contains no alcohol and no ammonia.

The special micro fiber cloth is the key to making this cleaning system work. This new ultra-fine double-density composition absorbs water and safely lifts oil, smudges, and fingerprints faster without removing special screen coatings.

Here’s how you should clean your screen

First, turn the power off on your HDTV.

Next, spray your micro fiber cloth with the pH neutral fluid. Spray the cloth at least 4 or 5 times depending on how big your screen is.

To preserve your anti-glare coating, always wipe your screen vertically (up and down), never in circles or horizontally.

Wash the micro fiber cloth regularly.

  • Your micro fiber cloth is a special, proprietary cloth.
  • Wash often to remove the collection of impurities it has removed from your screens.
  • Immerse the cloth in warm water and dish soap, wring it out and hang it up to dry.

What is Screen Kleen?

Stereo Barn Screen Kleen

Stereo Barn Screen Kleen with micro fiber cloth.

Screen Kleen is:

  • A cleaner safe for all plastic screens
  • Includes a 12″ x 12″ proprietary micro fiber cloth with double-density composition and cleaning power
  • Residue-free cleaner which is biodegradable, organically based, and non-corrosive
  • Static free
  • Streak free
  • Build-up free
  • Oil and wax free
  • pH neutral fluid
  • Tested, approved, and distributed by professional audio/video dealers, computer dealers, and TV screen manufacturers

Stereo Barn is an authorized dealer of Screen Kleen products.