McIntosh MVP891 Universal Media Player

McIntosh MVP891 Universal Media Player front view - Stereo Barn

The new McIntosh MVP891 is a universal media player for all high end home theater systems.

It supports 3D Blu Ray discs and network connectivity.

A separate stereo and 7.1 surround sound audio sections ensure the highest quality sound available whether you listen to music or watch movies.

Home Theater Magazine’s June 2012 Review enumerates the many formats supported by the MVP891: “It handles Blu-ray and DVD as well as CD, DVD-Audio, and SACD, along with an alphabet soup of subsidiary formats.”

MVP891 Features:

  • HDMI, digital, 7.1, 5.1, balanced/unbalanced stereo audio outputs
  • HDMI, component, and composite video outputs
  • Decodes CD,WMA, AAC, LPCM, SACD, DVD, Blu Ray, 3D, All Dolby and DTS
  • Quad balanced 192 kHz/32 bit DACs
  • Front panel USB input
  • Ethernet connection for networking

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